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work with large models,
free from computational constraints.

for developers &
providers. empowers developers to run and tune large AI models on a distributed compute grid sourced by GPU providers from all around the globe.

  • Code
    response = klusterai.infer(
      model = "",
      prompt = ""

    Seamlessly access the performance and accuracy you need without the hassle of GPU management.  

  • providers

    Join the distributed global grid with rapid onboarding/offboarding for optimal hardware utilization.

how it works. abstracts the complexity of running AI on a distributed network with the use of our Adaptive Pipelines technology. This enables large models to run efficiently across a network of heterogeneous hardware, streamlining performance, ensuring scalability, and optimizing resource utilization.

  • tensor fragments

    We pack AI models so they can run on many different GPUs, using resources more efficiently.

  • selective activation

    We analyze your request and activate only the fragments that are essential for the result.

  • compute scheduler

    We determine the best sequence of GPUs to ensure stable and reliable performance each time.

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